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Common Reading Program Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Video Games, Campus Culture, and Identity topic of Nov. 28 Common Reading Lecture

“The Privilege to Play: Video Games, Campus Culture, and Identity,” a Washington State University Common Reading Program lecture by professor David Leonard at 5:00 p.m. on Tues., Nov. 28 in Todd 116. The event is free and open to the public.

This talk will examine how both video games and universities sell “experiences” that not only privilege and empower certain identities and experience, but also sell a world that erases, obscures, and finds pleasure in an imagined “Other.” Both games and college create worlds of tourism, selling not simply an experience of fun and excitement but one in which joy and pleasure are derived through particular understandings of race, gender, sexuality.

Highlighting the ways that video games and America’s historically white colleges and universities create experiences that center the needs and pleasure of white male gamers/students, this talk focuses on how these experiences feed off dominant racial and gendered stereotypes.

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Cybersecurity and Privacy topic of Nov. 7 Common Reading Lecture

“Cybersecurity and Privacy in 2017 and Beyond,” a Washington State University Common Reading Program lecture by Professor Adam Hahn at 4:30 p.m. on Tues., Nov. 7 in CUE 203. The event is free and open to the public.

Hahn is an assistant professor of computer science in WSU’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He will cover the current state of cybersecurity and privacy and explore our use and dependency on technologies. The challenges that this technology creates and cybersecurity concerns of the future will also be topics of discussion.

Hahn’s research focus includes cybersecurity risk modelling and metrics. He received his doctorate of philosophy in computer engineering from Iowa State University in 2013.

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Phase 3 Black Key Clue

“On November 22, 2008, campus officially welcomed a new member.
You have probably seen him glistening in the sunlight,
or steadfast in the wind and rain, where Butch’s Den once stood.
WSU students need a strong foundation, a solid base.
On his solid base, under his name, you will find 11 lines, each with many letters.
Use the groups of numbers below –
the first number of the pair is the particular line,
it is linked to the second number, which is the letter within that line –
to decipher where to go and what to do:
1-23 1-30 ____ 2-8 5-27 ____ 3-13 4-10 1-3 ____ 4-16 6-10 1-20 /
3-5 5-23 ____ 5-23 5-24 5-25 ____ 5-31 6-10 1-11 2-6 2-8. /
2-14 5-24 5-34 ____ ‘1-14 1-17 1-25 2-3 2 24 ____ 2-31 3-5 4-16 4-16 2-1 2-9 3-4 4-3’ ____ 4-4 5-5: /
‘5-17 6-10 1-8 1-26 1-28 1-30 2-6 ____ 2-22 3-13 3-15 4-1 4-2 4-6 5-1 5-2’ ”