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Common Reading: Just Mercy

What is a Common Reading?

Topics from a single, carefully selected book for first-year students are featured in several classes in disciplines across the university, and in special events and presentations. Having a shared source for such topics provides a common ground for students and their professors, and stimulates discussions and learning.  The same topics also lend themselves to presentations in a lecture series, and to discussions between students and faculty within and beyond classrooms.

A robust and fun Common Reading Tuesdays guest expert lecture/film/event series brings diverse and comprehensive topics from the book to life in terms of university research and real-life applications. Many students earn extra credit points for attending, and last year provided comments such as:

  • “I found this event interesting.”
  • “I’m interested to learn more about this (topic).”
  • “This event furthered my understanding of an issue of the book.”

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