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How the Other Half Eats: The Untold Story of Food and Inequality in America is the 2024-25 common reading book for WSU. Thanks to support from Provost and Executive Vice President, and WSU Chancellor Elizabeth Chilton, no-cost paperback copies of the book are available to:

  • All first-time, first-year undergraduate students at the WSU Pullman, Vancouver, Tri-Cities, and Global campuses.
  • Instructors teaching classes taken primarily by these students who are considering using the book in a course.
  • Staff using the book for one or more events or programs geared toward engaging first-year students.

Book cover for “How the Other Half Eats: The Untold Story of Food and Inequality in America,” by Priya Fielding-Singh, Ph.D.

Details about Book Copies

Instructors and Staff

How can instructors or staff request a desk copy?

  • WSU Pullman and WSU Global instructors or staff must complete the online request form below to request a desk copy of How the Other Half Eats. The form will require you to describe the context in which you envision using the book (i.e., the makeup and topic of the course or type of program). Questions can be directed to Karen Weathermon.
  • WSU Vancouver instructors and staff must also complete the request form and can direct their questions to Thabiti Lewis.
  • WSU Tri-Cities instructors or staff should contact Robin Mays to request a desk copy.

What if my TAs need a book?

TAs must also complete the online request form.

What if I’m teaching a class with first-year and other students?

To get the book for yourself:
  • As mentioned above, you are eligible for a university-provided, paperback desk copy to consider using; complete the online request form below.
Student access to copies:
  • Your first-time, first-year students will receive a copy in summer.
  • You might want to add the book to your required course materials.
  • Those students who do not receive a free copy (e.g. returning and transfer students) will find the book is available online for $5.99 plus tax and shipping.
  • Alternatively, if you plan to use only a limited section of the book, you could provide access to that section on Canvas using Fair Use Guidelines.

Can I teach with the book if my class is not taken by first-year students? Or if I’m on the WSU Spokane or WSU Everett campus?

Instructors teaching on any campus and at any level—from 100-level to graduate courses—are invited to consider using the book as part of the “common” campus experience!

To get the book for yourself, you can:
Student access to copies:
  • You could add the book to your required course materials.
  • Students can buy the book online for $5.99 plus tax and shipping.
  • Alternatively, if you plan to use only a limited section of the book, you could provide access to that section on Canvas using Fair Use Guidelines.

Additional Questions and Answers

Any instructor—whether teaching first-year students or otherwise—can request a free digital desk copy from the VitalSource platform. (Note: On VitalSource, desk copies are termed “Faculty Sampling” and the link to request a copy is on the upper right corner of the page for any title.)

  • No, if your class is composed entirely of first-year students because they will receive copies from the university.
  • Yes, if your class will include students who are not first-time, first-year students and you want them to have a copy you will need to include it in your request—or you can direct students to purchase the $5.99 digital copy online.

  • Teaching Guide: We are creating an instructor teaching guide filled with an array of ideas and resources. A link to this resource will be provided when it becomes available.
  • Events: A two-semester, full calendar of programming is under development that includes such features as museum exhibits, speakers, films, service-learning opportunities, discussions and guest expert lectures, and more.
  • Verification of Student Attendance: Using Presence for all events, proof-of-attendance is available to instructors who offer course or extra credit for students’ engagement with events.
  • Weekly Email Updates with Slides: The next week’s Common Reading events, as well as tips and resources applicable for that point in the semester, will be sent to you. The PowerPoint slides are ready for use in classes or can be posted in Canvas. An email request will get you added to the listserv.

Yes, WSU will host the author in fall—likely in October. She will give a public talk on the WSU Pullman campus followed by a Q&A land book signing. The talk will be livestreamed to all campuses. Fielding-Singh will also participate in a virtual, moderated discussion during her time at WSU to provide more direct access to her for those not on the Pullman campus.

We would appreciate hearing your ideas! Please email Karen Weathermon, Common Reading director.

Desk Copy Request Form for WSU Instructors and Staff

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If you have any further questions, suggestions for Common Reading programming around this book, or you would be interested in participating in programming, please email Karen Weathermon at If you need any assistance with this request form, please email our web coordinator.

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