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Verification of attendance will be provided at each event.

Sept. 5 (Tues.), 5 p.m., CUE 203

Matthew Jeffries (Director, Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center), presents “Not All Video Games and the Brat Pack: AIDS Stigma from the 1980s to the Digital Age”

Sept. 14 (Thurs.), 5 p.m., WSU Museum of Art

Stephen Blackmore, visiting science fiction writer and author of the Eric Carter noir urban fantasy series, which includes Dead Things, Broken Souls, Hungry Ghosts, and the forthcoming Fire Season. He has also written for the Gods & Monsters series, the role-playing game Spirit of the Century, the video-game Wasteland 2, and the television series Heroes: Reborn.  This reading is sponsored by the Visiting Writers Series in the Dept. of English. 

Sept. 18 (Mon.), 4:30 pm, CUE 203

Roger Whitson (English Department), presents “The Future Has Always Been Female: Mary Shelley, Ada Lovelace, and the Origins of Science Fiction and Computing.” 

Ready Player One depicts a virtual world filled with 80s references, geek culture, and science fiction tropes. But did you know that both science fiction and computing began in the nineteenth century? This talk looks at two female pioneers of the future: Mary Shelley and Ada Lovelace. Shelley was the author of Frankenstein, depicting the creation of life by a human being; and The Last Man, featuring the destruction of all life on Earth by an unnamed plague. Lovelace, on the other hand, wrote the first computer program. Daughter Romantic poet Lord Byron, Lovelace became the “countess of numbers” and worked with Charles Babbage on the designs for the analytical engine: the first general purpose computing machine. In the wake of recent struggles in science fiction and video games to recognize the contributions of women, it is important to remember that the future has always been female. Verification of attendance will be provided.

Sept. 30 (Sat.), 11 am, place TBA

Rudy Francisco, spoken-word poet (Keynote for Collegiate Leadership Conference)

Faculty considering RPO for classes can request a desk copy.

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What Is a Common Reading?

A common reading is one way to create community connections among students, and between students and their professors, residence hall staff, and others. Topics in a selected book are examined throughout the year by members of the university community. They spark discussions and intellectual conversations in and beyond classrooms, highlight WSU research and the diversity of ideas across disciplines, and introduce different ways to explore complex issues from a variety of perspectives.

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Ready Player One, Author Earnest Cline, 8.28.17 at 7 p.m., Beasley Coliseum