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Common Reading Program Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Event Attendance

One of the main goals of the Common Reading Program is to stimulate critical thinking and conversations around topics raised in a single book.  You will use the book across courses in different disciplines in fall and spring semesters. The program, along with many of its campus partner programs, carefully host a number of no-cost public events, lectures, and film showings; and in 2017-18, faculty and staff even created a campus-wide game.  It’s fun and interesting to attend these events, plus you’ll gain resources to better understand issues in the book from a variety of perspectives.

Tracking Your Attendance of Events

Instructors may suggest, or require, you to attend some events.  Often, points are given that can apply to your grade.  It’s simple to register your attendance to get credit. Just swipe your CougarCard with the Common Reading representative at the end of the event, then complete the short survey about the event in CougSync. You can also use CougSync to check verify the accuracy of your attendance record. Moreover, you can export your attendance record from CougSync to give to your instructor.

Exporting your Event Attendance Record from CougSync

Here are some instructions on how to generate a record of the Common Reading events you have attended from CougSync. This record, or “Involvement Resume” as it is called in CougSync, can be used to verify your attendance for grading purposes in your courses.

A two panel image with the left panel showing a screenshot of the CougSync homepage with a letter "A" labeling the menu icon. The right panel of the image shows the menu having been opened, with the "Involvement Resume" menu item highlighted with the letter "B."
Figure 1. Login to CougSync and find the gray circle in the upper right corner (left panel, A); your first initial will appear centered over the circle. Select this circle icon to open the CougSync menu (right panel) and use it to access your Involvement Resume (B).
A screenshot of the CougSync website showing the Involvement Resume page.
Figure 2. Use the “Print View / PDF” button in the toolbar (C) to print out your Involvement Resume, which will serve as your attendance verification. If your resume includes a variety of other kinds of activities, you can hide all but Common Reading events before you print.