Event Attendance

Attending Common Reading and university events is a great way to get the most out of the program, and perhaps earn credit toward grades in classes. One of the main goals of the Common Reading Program is to stimulate critical thinking and conversations around topics raised in a single book. That is why you will use the book across courses in different disciplines in fall and spring semesters. However, creating opportunities to engage with the book, and topics from it, beyond the classroom is also important. To help you do that, the Common Reading Program and many campus partner programs host each year several no-cost public events, lectures, and film showings related to the book. It’s fun and interesting to attend these events, plus you’ll gain resources to better understand issues in the common reading book from a variety of perspectives.

Attendance Verification through Presence

Here’s how you can use Coug Presence, WSU’s student engagement portal, to verify your attendance of Common Reading events:

  1. Navigate to the student portal in Presence. A screenshot of the student portal landing page on Presence.
  2. Select the Login and Account Profile button on the top right. (It is labeled with a “person” icon.) Use the navigation menu that will appear to log in with your WSU NID. A screenshot of Presence showing how to login by selecting the profile button in the upper right of the website.
  3. Once logged in, select “profile” under the Login and Account Profile button. A screenshot of the Presence website showing the menu that appears once the user is logged in and the profile button is activated.
  4. Search Timeline for [CRS24] — the names of all Fall Common Reading events in Presence start with this code.
    How to use the [CRS24] label in Coug Presence to search one's timeline for attended Common Reading events.
  5. To create a document that lists your events , right click on “print” and select “save as a PDF” for your destination. Screenshot of a web browser's print settings used to save one's attendance verification record as a PDF.