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Event Attendance


One of the main goals of the Common Reading Program is to stimulate critical thinking and conversations around topics raised in a single book.  You will use the book across courses in different disciplines in fall and spring semesters. The program, along with many of its campus partner programs, carefully host a number of no-cost public events, lectures, and film showings; and in 2017-18, faculty and staff even created a campus-wide game.  It’s fun and interesting to attend these events, plus you’ll gain resources to better understand issues in the book from a variety of perspectives.

Instructors may suggest, or require, you to attend some events.  Often, points are given that can apply to your grade.  It’s simple to register your attendance to get credit.  Just swipe your CougarCard with the Common Reading representative at the end of the event, then complete the short survey about the event in CougSync.  You can check online to verify attendance accuracy.  And, you can share your event attendance record with your instructor.

Working with Common Reading on CougSync

Here are some tips on working with CougSync, including how to check and update your Profile, and how to check your CougSync records that can verify event attendance.

  1. Log in to your CougSync account using your WSU User Name and Password. You’ll see your home screen.

Screenshot of a typical home page on CougSync

  1. Select your profile icon, which is located at the top right of the home screen.

Screenshot of CougSync home page with profile icon circled

  1. Your profile menu will pop up on the right side of the screen. Before accessing your Common Reading event attendance record, you should ensure your contact information is correct. To check, edit, and update your contact information, first select the My Profile menu option to navigate to your profile page. Then select the Edit Your Profile button that will appear on the page and update the resulting form.

    REMEMBER: Your email account listed in your Profile is the one to which post-event Common Reading surveys are sent, and that once surveys are completed, your attendance at the events is confirmed in CougSync. See Steps 4-6 below for information on how to access Common Reading activities for proof of attendance.

Screenshot of CougSync's pop-up profile menu with My Profile circled

  1. To view a record of the Common Reading events you have attended, first select the Involvement option in the profile menu to navigate to your involvement page.

Screenshot of CougSync's pop-up profile menu with Involvement circled

  1. Once you arrive at your Involvement page, you will see a mixture of all of the activities/events you have attended (i.e., swiped in for) for every organization you are a member of on CougSync. To view only Common Reading events, select the All Organizations field at the top of the table and then select Common Reading from the menu that drops down.

Screenshot of typical activities page on CougSync with All Organizations circled

  1. Setting All Organizations to Common Reading in this manner will filter out events from all other organizations, leaving you with the desired record of your attendance at Common Reading events. After you verify your Common Reading attendance is listed here correctly, and if you want to share this information with your instructor, you can take a screenshot of the page to turn in as attendance verification.

    REMEMBER: For your attendance at many of the Common Reading events to be correctly listed here, you must have completed the post-event survey. For the events with required surveys, the survey will have been automatically sent to the email account to which your CougSync account is attached, as shown in your Profile. (See Step 3 above on ensuring your contact information is correct.)

Screenshot of activities page on CougSync with arrow pointed at Common Reading in All Organizations field

  1. Didn’t see the survey in your email?  You can also access incomplete surveys through CougSync via incomplete activities notifications that appear in orange at the top of the Involvement page. Just click on the “Review Incomplete Activities” box.

Screenshot of incomplete activity notification on CougSync's Involvement page

  1. An Incomplete Activities page will pop up with a list of activities that you can choose to complete.  For Common Reading surveys, click on the “Fill Out” status box to obtain and complete the survey, and receive attended status for that event.

Screenshot of incomplete activities page on CougSync