For Students and Parents

Each year, a committee of WSU faculty and staff, with oversight from the Provost, selects a “common reading” book to connect the community through a shared academic experience. The common reading book for 2016-17 is I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, with Christina Lamb. Students and parents can learn more about the book and how it will be used in classes throughout the university on this website.

What sparked the author’s passion?

In this very short video clip, Malala herself explains why she is passionate about promoting access to education.

Malala Book Trailer – Maisie Lovett from David Banks on Vimeo.

As you start your studies at WSU, how will you get close to the issues and interests that are most important to you?

Why Make the Connections?

The common reading is a way for you, as a college student, to “Make the Connections,” as our logo says. It’s an opportunity for you to draw connections…

  • between WHAT you are learning in classes with
  • what you are reading in THAT class to
  • what you are talking about in residence hall meetings, and
  • in conversations with your professor.

How does the common reading impact how you are viewing certain topics and how does that related to your life, your growing knowledge, and your evolving views of the world?