What is the Common Reading Program?

A single book is chosen by the university to be read by all freshmen and used in their courses and in special programs outside of classes, as well. Students’ professors, residence hall staff, librarians, and others lend ideas and actions to bring to life topics raised in the book. And because many WSU faculty members are leading researchers in their fields, they share information from their research with students that ties to the book typically in Common Reading Tuesdays presentations outside of regular class times.

The common reading introduces freshmen to the:

  • Value of research
  • Power of ideas
  • Various but interconnected ways in which disciplines across our academic institution approach similar problems
The Next Common Reading Book at WSU

The Common Reading Selection Committee typically accepts many nominations from the WSU community and beyond in fall semester, and then its members begin carefully reviewing each nominated book. The title of the next Common Reading book is typically announced early on during the spring semester after this review process is completed.

Banner image constructed from covers of recent Common Reading booksThe WSU Common Reading Program creates a common academic ground and dialogue for all participants—new students, faculty, staff, and the community around them. Programming around topics raised in the common book helps students realize the scope and innovative quality of world-class research underway at the university.Banner image constructed from covers of recent Common Reading books