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Resources About Sustainability

At WSU and Across the Region

There are several ways to get involved in the WSU community around the state to become more sustainable and knowledgeable.  Below are several resources for students and faculty interested in reducing waste around the area.

Websites and Articles


At WSU Libraries

WSU Libraries puts together a research guide for Residence Life and First-Year Focus that includes resources for discussing and presenting Common Reading materials. The entire guide is online for students and faculty


The libraries also purchase a number of documentaries about the Common Reading topic to be checked out by students and faculty.  Here is the current listing:

The Clean Bin Project (2011), Dir. Grant Baldwin;

The documentary follows a couple in Vancouver, BC, as they engage in a year-long challenge about who can produce the least amount of waste.

Waste Land (2010), Dir. Lucy Walker and Vik Muniz;

Artist Vik Muniz returns to Brazil to document in art the lives of Brazilian trash pickers in the world’s largest garbage dump.  In doing so, his life and those of the trash workers are fundamentally changed.

Bag It (2010), Dir. Suzan Beraza;

In the style of a Michael Moore film, this documentary explores the prevalence and legacy (on the environment and human health) of plastic, especially plastic bags.

GreenLit (2009), Dir. Miranda Bailey;

This documentary follows the unexpected challenges of making a “green” Hollywood movie.

Trashed (2006). Dir. Bill Kirkos;

This documentary explores both the challenges and potential solutions to trash, including new business models.

From National Sources

Websites and Articles


Garbage Art