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Common Reading Program Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Jan. 29: Transformational power of undergraduate research is topic of talk by Shelley Pressley

PULLMAN, Wash.—Shelley Pressley, director of the Washington State University Office of Undergraduate Research, will present “Leveling up with undergraduate research” at 4:10 p.m. Mon., Jan. 29, in CUE, 203, the Common Reading Program has announced. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Pressley’s office advocates helping students undertake research with a mentor—often a faculty member—from the freshman year forward. The experience can transform students’ time and academic experience at WSU, she said. Currently, evidence indicates that 26 percent of WSU seniors have engaged in research. » More …

Technology and humanity topic of Jan. 23 Common Reading lecture by Deborah Compeau

PULLMAN, Wash.—The Washington State University Common Reading Program hosts “Do we manage technology, or does technology manage us?,” a lecture by management information systems professor Deborah Compeau, at 4:30 p.m. Tues., Jan. 23, in CUE 203. This free event is open to the public.

There are many ways in which we both manage and are managed by technologies, said Compeau. From social technologies that draw us in, to artificial intelligence technologies that replace human decision-making, we are confronted by a world where technologies increasingly challenge our agency. » More …

Black Key Clue for Phase 4

“In the long cold of a Pullman
winter it is important to conserve resources.
One important resource to be conserved is money.
This January and February, in
Phase 4, lets talk about money, jobs, and other such resources.
You can take it with a grain
of SALT, or you can accept the Handshake, but we’re doing things
a little different this time.
We are going to reward your knowledge
with some important resources.
Make your way through the history
and culture of WSU to unlock help for your financial future.”
Once you know the official name of Jim Dine’s cor, visit this website on CougSync to tell us, and we will shake your hand.