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Common Reading Program Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Black Key Clue for Phase 5

“Your journey is almost complete.
But now you face the most difficult challenge of the Black Key.
Are you ready? Then let’s begin:
Go to the Pullman campus building
named after the university president whose tenure in office was the greatest number of years.
Once there, find the portrait
of this president somewhere in the building.
Found it? Good. Now notice how
many blue stripes are on the left sleeve of his clothing.
Go to the floor of this building
that is the same number as the stripes.
Got there?
Now, find the beings with green
locks which are close to the geographic center of this floor.
There is an quote near the beings.
Visit Black Key Form 5.1 on the common reading OrgSync page to enter that quote.”
(Note: enter only the last, bottommost line of the entire quote.)

Black Key Clue for Phase 4

“In the long cold of a Pullman
winter it is important to conserve resources.
One important resource to be conserved is money.
This January and February, in
Phase 4, lets talk about money, jobs, and other such resources.
You can take it with a grain
of SALT, or you can accept the Handshake, but we’re doing things
a little different this time.
We are going to reward your knowledge
with some important resources.
Make your way through the history
and culture of WSU to unlock help for your financial future.”
Once you know the official name of Jim Dine’s cor, visit this website on CougSync to tell us, and we will shake your hand.

Phase 3 Black Key Clue

“On November 22, 2008, campus officially welcomed a new member.
You have probably seen him glistening in the sunlight,
or steadfast in the wind and rain, where Butch’s Den once stood.
WSU students need a strong foundation, a solid base.
On his solid base, under his name, you will find 11 lines, each with many letters.
Use the groups of numbers below –
the first number of the pair is the particular line,
it is linked to the second number, which is the letter within that line –
to decipher where to go and what to do:
1-23 1-30 ____ 2-8 5-27 ____ 3-13 4-10 1-3 ____ 4-16 6-10 1-20 /
3-5 5-23 ____ 5-23 5-24 5-25 ____ 5-31 6-10 1-11 2-6 2-8. /
2-14 5-24 5-34 ____ ‘1-14 1-17 1-25 2-3 2 24 ____ 2-31 3-5 4-16 4-16 2-1 2-9 3-4 4-3’ ____ 4-4 5-5: /
‘5-17 6-10 1-8 1-26 1-28 1-30 2-6 ____ 2-22 3-13 3-15 4-1 4-2 4-6 5-1 5-2’ ”

Phase 2 Black Key Clue

“Beneath a face, at night, crimson,
In a building where you may find a ghost,
Across from a room whose number is:
‘HTTP Not Found,’
You will see our symbol, a QR code, and a password.
Scan the code for the next Clue.”